The power supply mode of the security cameras

The power supply modes of security cameras are mainly as follows:

Power adapter power supply

This is the most common way of power supply. The camera is connected to a power outlet via a DC (DC) power adapter that converts AC (AC) power to the direct current required by the camera, using a power cord between the camera and the adapter.

POE Power Supply

POE (Power over Ethernet) is a technology that transmits data and supplies power through a network cable. Some cameras support POE power and can be connected directly through an Ethernet cable to a network switch or a POE injector / separator, enabling simultaneous video transmission and power supply.

Wireless power supply

A few special models of cameras support wireless power supply, which means they can be powered by wireless charging technology or a built-in rechargeable battery, without the need for an external wired connection.

Solar power

In some occasions, solar panels can be used as a power source for security cameras. The solar panel converts sunlight into direct current and stores it in a battery, which is then supplied to the camera.

It should be noted that when choosing the installation and use of security cameras, it is necessary to choose the appropriate power supply mode according to the actual situation, and ensure that the selected power supply mode can meet the power demand of the camera.

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