Iufuture is a professional security and smart home product manufacturer, an enterprise integrating design and manufacturing. Iufuture has an experienced smart security solution team, dedicated to building an industry-leading and unique smart home ecosystem through independent research and development, industry integration, investment and mergers and acquisitions. With Iufuture, your home will become more secure. Life is getting easier.

A Few Words About

Our Team

We have an outstanding product development team that has been deeply involved in the smart home industry for decades with R&D teams in Shenzhen, Suzhou and Zhongshan respectively. Our engineers come from the top smart technology companies in China.

Sales and Marketing Team:

– Our sales team has many years of experience selling and working with the DIY market in Europe and the US, working with companies ranging from the world-renowned ADEO group and Kingfishe groups to some large distributors of well-known brands in Europe and the US.

– We have extensive OEM experience.

Our company’s values:

– We provide the best price to our customers on the basis of equally priced products.

– We are looking for partners, not just customers;

– Through our products and technology, we hope to meet people’s aspirations for a better life, improve the experience of quality home life and bring artificial intelligence into thousands of homes.


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Sunhigh are the same company, and sunhigh is mainly engaged in our cross-border e-commerce services.


Some feedback from our clients

“The app made me feel very connected to my community. It was priceless. It made me feel like I was home.”

Ethan Lucas

“We have chosen to become a part of the conversation that is already going on with the . 

Ryan Lynch

“My neighbors can be the eyes and ears when I’m not around. To have a positive ray of hope, of community support was amazing.”

Francesca Oliver



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